Sunday Communities

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We believe that a disciple of Jesus is consistently growing in their three most important relationships. UP with God, IN with one another, and OUT with the world. In fact, these three relationships are the focus of the greatest commandments and the great commission. We are to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.

Sunday Communities are a great place to experience these UP, IN, and OUT relationships. They are mid-sized groups that provide opportunities on Sunday mornings to build meaningful relationships with other believers as we connect around the truth of God's word, serve together in the local community, and grow in our relationship with Jesus.

We invite you to join us for one of our weekly gatherings. You can start by checking out the list below to find one or more that might fit you best. Contact us below and we will help you get connected!

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9:15am Sunday communities

Who: Multi-Generational
What: Facing Difficult Questions Together
When: Sundays at 11 AM
Where: Room 102
Conversations provides a welcoming environment where we explore challenging questions about life, reality, and God, with compassion and candor. 
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Who: Couples or singles, 60+
When: Sundays at 11 AM
Where: Room LL53
Diverse believers who are nearing retirement or enjoying it! This fun group is noted for prayer, strong biblical teaching, ministering to others, and fellowship.

Who: Parents of Teenagers
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 207
This group is designed for parents of teenagers. We will be a place where you feel welcomed, connected, and safe. A place where you can share life together and learn more of God's love for us and our teens. We will have honest and interesting discussion that will meet the needs of families raising teens.

Who: Couples and Parents in Their 40s and Beyond
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 206
Crossing Jordan is a group of couples and parents who are sharing the journey of faith and life in their 40s and beyond. This community is a vibrant, warm, and caring family of friends who feel welcomed, connected, and safe.

Who: Singles and Couples 18-29
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 201
Foundations is a community for young adults ages 18-29 with the goal of fostering a strong spiritual base in Christ through the study of God's word. They have a heart for community and outreach as a means of glorifying God and connecting believers through fellowship.

Who: Married 20s, 30s, and Beyond
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 202
With the support of six teaching/mentor couples, LifePath is a community for couples and parents of young families. They offer fellowship and teaching on topics such as spiritual growth, thriving marriages, biblical parenting, finances, and other issues relevant to this phase of life.

Who: Active Seniors
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 103
A group of caring, friendly seniors that meet for teaching, mutual support, fellowship, and laughter. Prayer and encouragement are important to this group. They enjoy interacting around God's Word on Sunday morning and with each other after service for lunch.

Who: Young Marrieds
When: Sundays at 11am
Where: Room 207
Led by mentor couples, this group is focused on becoming healthy disciples who grow in their relationships — up with God, in with each other, and out with the world.