We are a non-denominational, Bible-believing church that takes God and the Bible very seriously. This is reflected every Sunday as we gather together to celebrate the Gospel and hear the practical teaching of God's word.

 Everyone has questions from time to time and we have staff and volunteers based in Connection Point located beside the Main Lobby who are ready to answer any questions. We would love to have you stop by!



We believe that a disciple of Jesus is constantly growing in their three most important relationships. UP with God, IN with one another, and OUT with the world. In fact, these three relationships are the focus of the greatest commandments and the great commission. We are to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.

You may wonder what it looks like for you to grow in your three most important relationships here at Fellowship so we put our mission into action in what we call “The Discipleship Pathway.”

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what we believe

These truths form the foundation of what we believe. The genuine Christian life, as practiced and taught at Fellowship Bible Church, is always in agreement with these basic, yet profound, realities.

  • The Bible, as originally given by God, is divinely inspired, infallible, entirely trustworthy, and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  • There is one God, eternally existent in three persons-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was fully God, yet fully man, born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life, performing many miracles.
  • We acknowledge His substitutionary death, resurrection, ascension and individual mediation for us, and eagerly await His personal return in power and glory.
  • Man is sinful and separated from God, and a reunion, called salvation, is possible only by faith in Jesus Christ, apart from works, through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit indwells the believer and enables us to live a holy life and to witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • All true believers are united by the Holy Spirit as the church, the Body of Christ.
  • Everyone will be resurrected — the saved to everlasting life, the unsaved to everlasting torment.


Our Elders. Fellowship is an Elder-governed, staff-led church. The Bible teaches that the local church is to be governed by a group of godly men who meet the biblical qualifications for leadership (1Timothy 3; Titus 1). This group of men shepherd and govern our church through prayer, vision, and ensuring the resources it takes to fulfill our mission.

Our Staff consists of pastors, directors, and ministry assistants who are committed to leading our church and fulfilling our mission of glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others unconditionally. The staff is responsible for the day-to-day ministry which includes equipping, pastoring, counseling, and all the administrative needs of the church. We are focused on serving and equipping you to make disciples who make disciples.